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Employment judge urged to find oil and gas company in breach of health and safety

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An employment judge has been urged to find an oil and gas company in breach of health and safety regulations.

Stewart Logan is taking action against Enermech, where he worked for four years, while running the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board programme.

He resigned from his post last year, contending that repeated problems meant he was unable to continue in the role.

He claimed two large valves fell down in the workshop where he worked in the months immediately prior to him quitting.

At the time, he was earning more than £60,000 a year and had a newly-born son, for whom he was the sole carer.

In the final day of his tribunal yesterday, employment Judge Nick Brown asked why he had continued to work for the company for four years if the problems were so severe.

Representing Mr Logan, solicitor Linda Beedie replied: “The oil industry was in a downturn, he was a single parent with a son, he did not want to leave his role.”

The judge also pointed to his resignation letter, in which Mr Logan said the team was the “best he had worked with” and that he could carry on in a self-employed basis.

Ms Beedie said: “He was asked later to provide the reasons for his resignation, he listed them in an email.”

Solicitor Tricia Walker, who was representing Enermech, asked: “If it was as dreadful as he claims, why are there no other witnesses complaining about this?

“The two incidents involving the valves did not concern him, they had been investigated, they were not the reason why he resigned.”

“I would invite you to dismiss the claim.”

Mr Logan has been unable to find further employment in the oil and gas industry and is currently training to be a driving instructor.

A verdict is expected on the hearing within four weeks.

Source: Press and Journal

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