Innovate Your Lone Working Solutions with PanicGuard

In today’s fast-paced world, personal safety and lone worker safety have become increasingly concerning for individuals globally. Whether navigating through working alone, traveling for work, or finding oneself in unfamiliar environments, the need for reliable personal safety solutions has never been more critical. With over 21% of employees feeling unsafe at work weekly, having a good personal safety solution in place plays an ever-going part in recruiting and retaining employees also. Recognizing this growing need, PanicGuard has emerged as a leading innovator in the field, offering cutting-edge safety apps such as Hollie Guard and Zecure.

PanicGuard’s commitment to empowering individuals with the tools they need to stay safe is evident in the development of Hollie Guard and Zecure. These two flagship products are designed to provide users with instant access to emergency assistance, real-time monitoring, and a range of features aimed at enhancing personal security

Hollie Guard 

Named in honour of Hollie Gazzard, a victim of domestic violence, is a revolutionary safety app that transforms smartphones into personal safety devices. With simply shaking the phone, users can activate Hollie Guard to send an alert to designated contacts and a Police-approved 24/7 monitoring center, along with their GPS location, while the mobile captures live audio and video footage, which is also sent to the Police-Approved 24/7 monitoring centre

Hollie Guard is currently used by ¼ of the UK’s Police Forces to protect members of the Public from domestic violence, Stalking, and VAWG. While it has also been downloaded over 700,000 times in the UK. Now more and more companies are looking as to how they can protect their workers inside and outside of the workplace using the Hollie Guard app


In addition to Hollie Guard, PanicGuard offers Zecure, another groundbreaking safety app targeted towards companies looking to protect their lone workers, providing users with the peace of mind they are safe and do not have to work in fear. Zecure uses advanced technology to detect incidents like car crashes, falls from height, or idleness to raise an alert and get the user help. With a user-friendly interface, Zecure delivers a comprehensive personal safety solution. Like Hollie Guard, Zecure allows users to quickly alert a Police-Approved 24/7 monitoring centre and designated contacts in times of distress, capturing real-time location tracking, live audio, and video streaming.

Zecure is used all over the world by corporates such as Savills, the NHS, and Persimmons Homes. The reason these companies put Zecure in place is to ensure their employees can feel valued and know they are protected at work, alleviating any concerns or risks around the employee’s safety.

Find more information below on how Zecure and Hollie Guard has worked across businesses and the Police. PanicGuard will be exhibiting at the Health and Safety show at the NEC stand 4/B30. Feel free to book sometime below if you would like to see them

To find out how Zecure is making a difference and protecting employees within Savills view the video below!

To find out how Hollie Guard has been used to in Humberside to help the Police achieve conviction around Domestic Abuse and Stalking view the video below!

PanicGuard’s aim is to make it easy for both individuals and companies to reduce risk and protect themselves using easy to access mobile apps.