Interview with Tom Goodmanson, new CEO of EcoOnline Global


In a conversation with HSE People, Tom Goodmanson, the newly appointed CEO of EcoOnline Global, shared his insights and vision for the future of the company.

In his new role, Goodmanson brings his expertise in building great businesses to the table, poised to provide further value and excellence to EcoOnline’s customers. With EcoOnline growing at immense speed, he will be hyper-focused on connecting to the people behind the business and its customers. Goodmanson’s strong leadership skills will help to concentrate on building human-centric experiences to improve customer service, strengthening internal operational processes, and bringing customer feedback full-circle. As CEO, Goodmanson is determined to lead the company towards becoming the best in market.

Goodmanson expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and his excitement for the journey ahead, he mentioned his recent arrival in Oslo and his plans to spend time with the company’s teams to better understand their dynamics and operations. Emphasising the significance of building on the success of the past year, he articulated his intention to ensure that EcoOnline’s momentum and focus continues.

Addressing the UK market, which holds a significant presence for both EcoOnline and HSE People, Goodmanson shared his plans to relocate to the UK with his family. His aim is to be closer to the heart of the UK operations, fostering stronger connections with customers and industry stakeholders. He highlighted the importance of providing the best products to ensure employee safety, further demonstrating his dedication to the region and the new role.

When asked about his feelings regarding relocating to the UK, Goodmanson’s enthusiasm was obvious. He expressed his deep affinity for the country, reminiscing about his first global expansion experience in London over a decade ago.

Goodmanson’s commitment to being actively engaged with industry professionals and customers is evident, he stressed the importance of staying connected with industry trends and understanding the needs of customers firsthand. He noted that this engagement would be an essential element of his leadership approach, alongside fostering a positive company culture and supporting the employees.

In closing, Goodmanson extended his gratitude for the interview opportunity and conveyed his anticipation for the journey ahead. His passion for leading EcoOnline Global and his dedication to the safety and well-being of employees shone through, setting a promising tone for the future.

As Thomas Goodmanson embarks on his new role as CEO of EcoOnline Global, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact he will bring and the innovative strides that lie ahead.