JSP Springfit™ Disposable Face Mask With Typhoon™ Valve


JSP Springfit™ Disposable Face Mask With Typhoon™ Valve, reviewed by Hammer and Togs,

Integrated Structural Comfort™

The NEW SpringFit™ fold flat disposable mask achieves an unrivalled secure fit with the use of a unique endoskeleton structure. SpringFit™ introduces an abundance of features that maximise fit, comfort, compatibility and performance.

Features & Benefits.

The SpringFit™ Range. Available in FFP3 and FFP2 valved and un-valved, with a nuisance odour carbon layer available on the FFP3 model.

Typhoon™ Valve.

The Unique Typhoon™ valve has been designed to reduce breathing resistance, heat and moisture build-up. The valve is unaffected by any moisture, and therefore can be used with the same performance under very low temperatures.


The fold flat design makes SpringFit™ more compact, and easily pocketed. SpringFit™ is also individually packed to ensure a high level of hygiene.