Katherine Evans: Bold as Brass, Women’s PPE and Women’s Safety


I really want to see positive change happen. I don’t want to see employees injured because of the gendered-risk knowledge gap.

Over the past two years, in heading up the Bold as Brass gender equity tribe and speaking on podcasts, at conferences, panels and making key notes, I’ve seen what has helped make change; a voice to sew the seed in good people; practical examples of how businesses can make the workplace more equitable; and providing support for those individuals who aren’t getting it from their employer.

The Bold as Brass community are very open in sharing their less than equal experiences. By combining this knowledge with my own experiences, equity in society research, and in building a vast network of professionals I’ve grown this into a business to cast those seeds of change further into the industry.

I speak about women’s safety through the Bold as Brass lens as a key note speaker, at conferences, and CPD training days. It’s gritty, uncomfortable even, but only because that’s the feeling people get when they are hit with the realisation that what they’ve been doing all these years in thinking they were doing the right thing by everyone, was actually putting people who had the quietest voice at increased risk.

I assist companies who are struggling to find PPE that fits their non-average-sized-men people to procure the PPE that comfortably fits their employees’ intersectional needs and protect from the hazards they’ve identified on their risk assessments.

I work with PPE and safety equipment distributers to build lines of inclusive PPE that fits, with all the knowledge gained from working with the brands and end users in trials as well as promoting their steps forward in gendered safety.

I work with PPE brands to create better fitting women’s PPE and promote their best pieces.

If you feel you have a gendered-risk knowledge gap in your business, or are interested in working with me around women’s and inclusive PPE contact me on katherine@bold-as-brass.com

Katherine Evans is the founder of the Bold as Brass tribe, a mining geologist and a Gender Equity Consultant. She is available as a keynote speaker and also to consult on women’s PPE