Knutsford Man Paints Own Road Markings Over Safety Concerns

A man who painted markings on roads leading to a roundabout has said he did it to shame a council into action after he witnessed too many near misses.

Peter Sharratt said he decided to “mark out to help out” after seeing confused drivers at the junction of Manchester Road and Northwich Road in Knutsford.

The 71-year-old said the original road markings were removed during work about a year ago and had not been replaced.

Cheshire East Council has been approached by the BBC for comment.

Mr Sharratt, who has lived in the town for decades, said it was “completely barking” that only a red “no road markings” sign had been positioned near the roundabout since electrical work was carried out in 2022.

He said he wrote to the local authority about the issue, but received an “unhelpful response”, which did not specify when the markings would be reinstated.

He said he understood any delays were “about money and… priorities, but that area is dangerous”.

“It beggars belief that the council is now relying on a 71-year-old pensioner with a spray can to do the work we already pay them for,” he said.

After deciding to take matters in to his own hands, he said he bought a couple of cans of spray paint for £8 each and donned a high-vis jacket to carry out the work at about 04:30 BST on Sunday.

He added that he spent about 40 minutes painting the markings and used his car and four traffic cones to cordon off the area while he did the work.

“These markings were there for a very good reason,” he said.

“These signs urgently need doing.

“This work should be put at the top of their priority list.”