Meet the HSE People Champions

Name: Carly Hughes

Location: Based in Gorleston-on-sea, & cover East Anglia, including Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex

Area of work: Construction consultancy including CDM and fit-outs, advocate for Women in Construction and H&S as a first career choice

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An interesting fact about you and what you do: I am a competitive powerlifter outside of the day job, and I love doing DIY and renovation projects!


Name: Scott Crichton  

Location: Gloucester, South West but work across England

Area of work: Insurance brokering as a consultant.  I am currently developing a risk management part of Endsleigh Insurance Services for the education and not for profit sectors.

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An interesting fact about you and what you do: In my younger years when I was in the Royal Air Force, I once marched around the streets of London as part of the annual Lord Mayors parade.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, being cheered on by thousands, trying to keep in step and in time with your colleagues.  I also took part in remembrance Sunday, taking my place within Westminster Abbey – a truly impressive architectural masterpiece.  The year after, I was part of the 60th VE celebrations and the queen walked right passed me on horse guards parade.  Some really good memories of being in the RAF.

Name: Jenny Darlington

Location:  based in Liverpool but work across the North West

Area of work: Construction, CDM, mentoring new professionals to the industry, champion of women and young people in safety, advocate for behavioural safety culture change and engagement and public speaking.

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An interesting fact about you and what you do: When Hollywood came calling to the Mersey Tunnels to use our location as a film set, I was resident engineer during the filming 🎥. I was just off screen on Fast and Furious 6, Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows Part 1, Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit and…..Hollyoaks!

Name: Brendon Ireland

Location: Nottingham – East Midlands, Works Nationwide 

Area of work: Food Safety, Food safety culture, Training new and experienced food/hospitality professionals. 

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An interesting fact about you & what you do: I’m a ‘shop floor’ food safety advisor/ consultant willing to roll my sleeves up and do a full shift with the businesses I’m working with.

A couple of interesting facts about myself is that I’ve worked in Michelin starred restaurants and also got to the semi finals of the Open Mic UK competition. 

Name: Melissa Fazackerley

Location: Based in Wigan, North West but work Nationwide

Area of work: Construction Consultancy helping businesses with HSEQ strategy, systems and procedures.

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An interesting fact about you & what you do: My line ‘Make it relevant and it will work’ was born out of frustration but has become the driver for my work! Also, as a young child I used to pinch wheelie bin numbers from B&Q when I visited with my parents. I still love a good sticker but I don’t steal them these days.

Name: Leanne Lockwood

Location: Suffolk

Area of work: Health and Safety across all industries

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An interesting fact about you and what you do: I am a health and safety consultant and Director at Safetyboss Ltd. My day-to-day job role is varied and includes providing advice, support, training and site visit to our large array of clients. Safetyboss have been around for many years where I am lucky enough to learn from an ex HSE inspector including all his amazing stories of his time in health and safety world. We offer training including bespoke health and safety courses, IOSH & NEBOSH accredited courses, E-Learning along with many others and Consultancy services such as fire and noise risk assessments, audits and preliminary 45001 audits.

Oooo, something interesting about me, although I’m merely 5ft 3 I play basketball (when I am not injured) and before I started in health and safety industry I worked in many different types of industries including healthcare, life sciences and even logistics as a delivery driver.

Name: Karen J. Hewitt

Location: Reading, Berkshire, UK

Area of work: Specialist in cross-company Engagement in Health, Safety and Wellbeing. Author of ‘People Power’ and creator of the Build, Buzz, Bake® method.

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An interesting fact about you and what you do: I speak five languages and once performed with the circus in Brazil.


Name: Christian Harris

Location: London

Area of work: Slip safety

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An interesting fact about you & what you do: My passion for safety came from being run over by a car that lost control and mounted the kerb back in 2012.

Christian is also the host of “HSE People in Conversation with…” our podcast series and also presents webinars.