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Remote Training Courses – Mental Health First Aid

Due to the current situation in relation to COVID-19 and the concerns over mental health During this period.  We are now offering remote training courses in Mental Health First Aid levels 1-3, these are all fully accredited SQA NHS courses And other specialist mental health training.  These will be remote classroom led courses provided by qualified instructors

Level 1 is 4 hrs and is First Aid for Mental Health Awareness this is a general awareness course suitable for all

Level 2 is 6 hrs and is First Aid for Mental Health this qualification allows any individual to apply the skills and techniques of MHFA and qualifies them as a MH First Aider

Level 3 is 12 hrs and is Supervising First Aid for Mental Health this course is detailed in a large variety of mental health illnesses/conditions and aimed at Supervisory/Managerial roles

Mental Health resilience training  – protecting yourself and improving the ability to cope with mental health issues

Active Listening training – teaching the skills and knowledge required to identify, listen and intervene successfully on mental health situations

Mental Health Risk Assessment training – Identifying potential workplace risks and implementing mitigation (workshop)

Root Causing Mental Health in Accidents – understanding the connection between mental health and accident rates, recording accurate data and prevention

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