MSA Safety Highlights Connected Safety Solutions at A+A Trade Fair and Congress

Learn more about the latest enhancements in detection and protection for worker safety

When safety is your sole focus, it provides clear direction for developing the next generation of safety solutions to help workers around the world be safe, connected and more productive. MSA Safety, Inc. (NYSE: MSA), the leader in the development of safety solutions that help to protect people and facility infrastructures, will be highlighting its suite of connected safety solutions at the 2023 A+A Trade Fair and Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany, from 24 October through 27 October.

This year, MSA Safety will feature its Connected Work Platform. Now available throughout Europe, the platform is a fully-connected safety solution that offers enhanced data analytics. This platform helps to drive safety compliance, automate previously manual tasks, eliminate paperwork and allow for more proactive safety management.

The Connected Work Platform is powered by the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector. Built from the ground up, the innovative direct-to-cloud design allows the ALTAIR io 4 to seamlessly connect with MSA Grid cloud-based software and the ALTAIR io™ Dock to deliver real-time visibility to help enhance worker safety. The device works in concert with the company’s MSA+ subscription service, and together, the ALTAIR io 4 device and MSA+ create a versatile and powerful hardware/software combination that can simplify safety program management to help drive safety and productivity across workers, worksites and workflows.

“Our focus is on helping to keep workers safe. We don’t just produce products, we invent, we innovate, and we create next generation safety technologies,” said Dave Howells, MSA Safety Vice President of Sales and International Marketing. “We’re excited to be featuring our connected worker solutions at A+A that will give attendees a hands-on opportunity to learn how MSA is using technology to enhance our industry-leading products that connect and detect for safety and for sustainability, while helping to make work safer, easier and more productive.”

A+A attendees will be able to talk with MSA product experts and engineers in areas including fall protection, head protection, respiratory protection and detection monitoring solutions. Products featured this year include the:

  • V-SERIES® Harnesses: Designed for superior comfort, increased flexibility, and adjustability, the harnesses more easily contour to the body to help allow workers to focus on the work at hand;
  • MSA V-TEC™ Mini Personal Fall Limiter: Optimized for comfort and performance, this PFL is compact and one of the lightest weights on the market. It’s now available in the EMEA region;
  • MSA V-SHOCK® Self-Retracting Device: Now available in the EMEA region, it’s fall protection designed for comfort and ease of use. The color coding and display icons provide clear safety information to help keep workers safe while working at heights;
  • FL500-H2 UV/IR Flame Detector for Hydrogen: Learn how this detector can help protect facilities from fire and how it can help provide for faster response time to alarms with enhanced, reliable protection; 
  • V-Gard® Helmets: The world’s most recognizable hard hat, learn how the V-Gard H1 Safety Helmet and V-Gard 950 Protective Caps are customizable head protection solutions for workers;

To learn more about these featured products and MSA Safety’s service offerings, visit the MSA Safety team in Hall 1, Stand B39. Keep up-to-date with the latest A+A Expo happenings by visiting or following MSA’s social media platforms.