NEBOSH Launches New Service to Shake-up In-house Health and Safety Training

NEBOSH – one of the world’s leading providers of health and safety qualifications – has launched a new solution for businesses that want to improve their in-company training.

The NEBOSH Endorsed service will – as its name suggests – endorse great health and safety training. When companies invest in training, they want to see a return. Through a collaborative approach, NEBOSH will help organisations to elevate their in-company offering and deliver measurable behavioural change that contributes to healthier and safer workplaces.

A range of solutions are available via NEBOSH Endorsed. They are all tailored to the needs of individual organisations and emphasise learning that delivers tangible impact:

  • Assessment and endorsement of existing in-company learning,
  • Bespoke consultation and development of in-company training.

Every person that completes a NEBOSH Endorsed course will be recognised with a NEBOSH Endorsed certificate to mark their learning.

Watch this video to find out more:

Benefits of having your training program NEBOSH Endorsed?

  • NEBOSH ensures your training delivers what you need and links to measurable performance improvements
  • Deliver effective learning in the flow of work anytime, anywhere
  • It enhances your reputation
  • It demonstrates your commitment to health and safety, training, your employees, your stakeholders, and your customers.

For more information visit their website. If you are interested in talking to a member of NEBOSH, then please complete this short form and someone will be in touch with you.