Network Rail Fined £6.7m over Stonehaven Fatal Derailment Crash

Network Rail has incurred a fine of £6.7 million after acknowledging a series of shortcomings that resulted in the fatalities of three individuals in a train accident near Stonehaven.

The train traveling from Aberdeen to Glasgow derailed at Carmont due to colliding with a landslide caused by heavy rainfall.

Network Rail admitted guilt in relation to various lapses in maintenance and inspection procedures that occurred prior to the August 2020 incident. They also acknowledged their failure to alert the train driver to the hazardous section of the track or instruct him to reduce his speed.

The crash claimed the lives of Driver Brett McCullough, aged 45, Conductor Donald Dinnie, aged 58, and Passenger Christopher Stuchbury, aged 62.

During proceedings at the High Court in Aberdeen, it was revealed that the six individuals who sustained injuries in the crash continue to suffer both physical and psychological trauma.