New Gender-Neutral Workwear Revealed by Jaguar Land Rover including Hijab Option

Image from Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover has introduced inclusive workwear options for its employees, aiming to bridge the gender gap in personal protective equipment (PPE). The new line of gender-neutral workwear offers practicality and comfort, addressing concerns raised by female workers about discomfort and safety risks associated with ill-fitting gear. With a £3.1M investment, the company has crafted luxurious yet functional outfits, envisioning itself as the epitome of a desirable, modern luxury brand. The range caters to both masculine and feminine styles and includes a hijab option for Muslim employees.

This innovative workwear incorporates temperature regulation features tailored to different genders, ensuring optimal comfort in various work environments. Developed by Kim Panton, the Apparel Manager at JLR, whose previous work includes the redesign of gender-neutral cabin crew uniforms for Virgin Airways, the line prioritizes functionality and inclusivity. Distribution will take place at pop-up shops within JLR’s manufacturing sites, making these advancements readily accessible to employees.