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Great start to the week as HSE People group hits new member high!

HSE People’s main LinkedIn group has hit new a milestone today amassing over 44,000 members. The group is for those who wish to network with others who work in high-risk specialisms such as HSE, Fire, Risk, Security and Quality, sharing information, posing questions and generally helping one another. HSE People also post news stories for information and discussion as well as the latest job advertisements.

Make sure you are a member so you can benefit from the wisdom and knowledge and maybe even share some of your own!

The other HSE People LinkedIn groups which might be of some interest are –

HSE People Jobs – This group is to discuss employment-related subjects, view job advertisements and for job seekers to let the industry know they are available.

HSE People Manufacturing – A group for those who work in FMCG, logistics and manufacturing.

HSE People Energy – This group is for those who work in oil and gas, nuclear power, renewable energy, power generation, transmission and distribution.

HSE People Rail – If you work within the rail industry then this group can put you in touch with others who have similar experiences and backgrounds.

HSE People Construction – A group for those who work within the construction of various projects Worldwide.

HSE People Lone/Remote Workers – This group is for those who work alone or remotely or for businesses that provide support and services to those who do.

HSE People Security – One of our newest groups, if you would be interested in helping to moderate and admin this group please let us know.

HSE People – PPE – If you work within the design, manufacture or sale of PPE and Workwear then this group is for you!

HSE People Consultants – This group is for freelancers and contract workers within HSE, Fire, QA/QC, Risk or Security services.

If you would like to find out about our marketing and advertising services please get in touch –

Thank you and Stay Safe!

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