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It’s Time to Talk – HSE People teams up with manUP speakUP to talk about mental health


There has never been a more important time to focus on Mental Health and encouraging people to be open about how they are feeling. HSE People is excited to work with Mike Scotland the founder of manUP speakUP to help raise the profile of the important work they are doing.



What is manUP speakUP?

manUP speakUP is an online group encouraging people to talk, help, listen and share, allowing it’s members to become a part of removing the mental health stigma within the Offshore and Oil & Gas industries. They are also promoting engagement with employers to encourage a positive change in how mental health is handled and how employees are supported.

Recently an individual reached out to Mike, founder of manUP speakUP to share his story-

“A tough decision for me to do this for everyone to read however I’ve promised myself that 2020 is going to be a very positive step for me to help move forward in life and I am focused on becoming  the best version of myself that I can be for my family 🙌 manUPspeakUP has helped me in realising that I’m not the only one that has difficult times. So here is a little part of my personal life.

When I was aged 10…. 23 years ago now myself and my brothers cowardly had our father taken from us 💔 in the worst way we could of imagined, He was taken from us after being murdered from friends of his 😥 Yes it’s been 23 years but I can assure you it feels like yesterday when we all walked through the door from school on 16th May 1999 at around 3:15pm on that day we were all aware that somthing had gone on but not sure how severe it was, we called the hospital to see how Dad was doing only to be told they couldn’t tell us as we were only kids and mam wasn’t home at that time, We knew something wasn’t right because normally we would be told things were ok.

To say it ruined us and broke our hearts is an understatement we’ve had help over the years from the NSPCC and other organisations. 2 of my older brothers have even had times in institutionalization through not been able to deal with things and turning to violence and walking down the wrong paths. Prior to all of this upset in the family many years previous Mam had a very traumatic time having been subject to some very traumatic times and to here this was just another blow to us all. It affected myself personally because on numerous occasions after losing my Father I’ve had some nasty people telling me he wasnt my Dad and that someone else was. I was told that my father was not who I thought was my Dad. After hearing this on many occasions between the age of 14-32 even one person was a family member telling me this after we had a disagreement. I got in some pretty dark places and enough was enough. I had to find out the truth once and for all for me to move on with my life and put some of this to bed. So I decided to make contact with the correct people and I ended up getting some tests done between myself, brother and my mother, this was a sibling test to let us know if it was full sibling or half sibling, regardless of the outcome I always said my Dad is my Dad and no one will ever be able to change that as far as I was concerned just needed to know the facts. Many times i got to this position and backed out incase it wasnt what i wanted it to be, Not this time!!! So many times sat crying and telling total strangers after having a few to many drinks what was going on and how it was affecting me.

Finally the time came to sit and talk to my partner after 16 years of being together I never wanted to put my issues onto her,  however my wife supported me 100% Anyway after all this my results came through on email………. FULL SIBLINGS 💙💙 So ✌✌ to all the haters and trouble makers finally the best results I could of wishes for!!!! I cried so much with relief, joy, happiness and knowing my Dad was my Dad just wow I never expected it to be such a pleasing moment as I always said it wouldn’t matter the result.

Anyway that’s one story I’ve had the chance to speak about out aloud, never thought I would do this but feels good to get it out in the open 🙌 I could go on so much more. As this has been the biggest problem for me for so many years, people dont believe some of the things I tell them.when I’ve had a drink because they think it’s to evil to of ever happened. Fact is I wish it was LIES but it isn’t!! I will never be able to repay manUPspeakUP for how they have helped me feel more positive in life and look forward, a special thank you to Mike Scotland who has been like a brother to me and helped me in more ways than I thought I could be helped. Love you bro x”

HSE People spoke to a qualified counsellor to gain some insight into this individual’s experience-

“At the age of ten, you had to experience such a terrible thing, the murder of you Father at a time when you were a child on the cusp of entering adolescence, a challenging time in normal circumstances. The fact that this was done by your Father’s friends makes it even more unimaginable .

You also had to endure your Mother’s trauma and then you were subjected to severe unkindness when what you really needed was empathy and kindness. Telling your partner was hard but your relief having spoken to her is tangible.

The hardest thing that we as humans have to bear is loss and this begins the moment we are born. You have had loss in bucket loads and unimaginable losses which is why they are so difficult to accept.

One way of coping with loss is to talk about it to someone that is trained to listen and help you recognise your feelings and think about ways of coping with your feelings.”

How manUP speakUP can help – 

manUP speakUP have partnered up with “AVENUE” where ALL their members get a discounted rate of service from everything they have to offer, Omniscient Safety Innovations give their members a discounted rate on all mental health training courses and their are other partnerships in the pipeline.

The manUP speakUP group includes a professional with over 25+ years experience and they offer the essential go-to links, phone numbers and various types of material to offer to members for assistance. There is also a trained psychologist behind the scenes that is there to assist the admin team when they carry out discussions.

As of yet, none of the team are trained mental health experts, something they make very clear to those they help but plans are already in place to undertake training.

To find out more about manUP speakUP get in touch –

Facebook Group

Facebook Page

Mike’s LinkedIn profile.

Check out the hashtag #manupspeakup on LinkedIn

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