NIXI: Leakproof Underwear to Keep You Moving through Menstruation, Motherhood and Menopause

Kelly Newton

NIXI Underwear started life as BP3 in 2019. Mum of 6 Kelly was sick of little bladder leaks pausing her play on the hockey field. After dealing with stress incontinence brought on by childbirth and then early menopause, Kelly had tried every pad and knicker on the market and hated the way they looked and felt.

She wanted absorbent knickers that would look great under gym leggings and make her look and feel amazing – without worrying about leaks. She designed her first pair of knickers and took the plunge into starting the business. 

Kelly soon realised that the knickers were not only a great solution for her little bladder leaks, but could also help reduce the amount of plastic waste that came with traditional period products. Coni  joined the business in 2020, bringing with her a deep passion for plastic-free periods and women’s health issues. In 2022 we rebranded as NIXI Body – same amazing knickers, same wonderful team – just a brand spanking new name and look, marking an exciting evolution for the business.


The name NIXI comes from a group of Greek goddesses who were known to support women across various reproductive health stages – but particularly through childbirth. They were often depicted as squatting (something we’ve occasionally had to do out in the wild when our weak bladder has got the better of us!) so we felt it was the perfect name for our knickers!

The rebrand also brought with it a more focused mission – keeping women moving through menstruation, motherhood and menopause. A desire to stay active was the biggest driver for Kelly to design her first pair of leak-proof underwear back in 2019. We know the massive impact that exercise can have on our mental and physical health – whether dealing with PMS, the challenges of having a new baby or navigating menopausal symptoms.

NIXI can now be found in sports and eco stores all around the country and has a growing and loyal customer base – from UK sportswomen to new mums in New York!

With 1 in 3 people suffering with some degree of urinary incontinence and over half of the population menstruating, the only products on the market up until very recently were disposable pads and tampons.  Over 200,000 tonnes of waste is produced each year from disposable period products, so it’s time to look for more eco-friendly products.

Our absorbent underwear is made with discretion in mind. They come in different absorbencies to suit every flow and we have 7 different styles for every body shape.

They have no chemicals or silver in them so are better for you and the planet. 

Our long term plan is to keep being innovative and supporting women through these life changes.  Women have been underrepresented in so many areas, women’s health being one of them and we want to offer a more sustainable and healthier alternative to the traditional products on the market.