Notify Technology Enhances Digital Risk Assessment Capabilities with Release of Notify Cloud Version 6.5

Notify Technology, a leading provider of safety, health, environmental and quality management (SHEQ) software, is pleased to announce the release of Notify Cloud v6.5, offering users a host of new features and improvements to help manage and reduce risk. 

As part of the latest version, businesses can introduce visual elements into their Risk Assessment process. By adding pictures, users can quickly and easily visualise hazards and retrospective control measures within a centralised digital location.    

Health and Safety professionals can also create Statutory Risk Assessments such as Control of Noise and Vibration. Furthermore, users also have the flexibility to create and customise risk assessment templates to fit the specific needs of their business. 

“We are excited to introduce this latest version of Notify to our clients and the wider SHEQ community,” said Neilson Watts, Product Owner at Notify Technology. “With this release we are aiming to give Health and Safety professionals the power to create truly dynamic risk assessments that go beyond traditional paper-based approaches, significantly improving employee engagement, workplace safety and compliance.” 

The Audit Scheduling feature has also been enhanced to help businesses schedule inspections, checklists, or compliance audits “by location”, ensuring the right people are assigned the right forms at the right time, improving efficiency and productivity.   

Enhanced customisation and automation to workflows now supports the escalation of incidents as High Priority, Reportable or Lost Time based on question responses or drop-down categories. This ensures that more serious incidents are flagged and shared in real time with the relevant people across the business. 

Finally, a brand-new file preview feature helps safety teams save time and improve responses. Users are able to view pictures and PDFs without having to fully download, facilitating faster access to, and analysis of, crucial information. Notify v6.5 also provides enhanced control and protection of sensitive health and safety data, ensuring the highest level of data privacy. 

Neilson Watts went on to say: “We understand the importance of providing our users with a streamlined experience. With the file preview feature, we are addressing the need for efficiency while maintaining the utmost integrity and security of our users’ data.” 

With the introduction of Notify cloud v6.5, Notify Technology continues to strengthen its commitment to helping make a billion people safer, healthier and more productive at work.  

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