Notify Technology. Faster, simpler, smarter.

Notify is the smart safety software platform specifically designed to help businesses reduce risk, achieve compliance and improve safety in the workplace.

Notify has specific software solutions for Incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Risk Assessments and Action Tracking – all completely integrated and simple to use. You need choose only what you require for your business and our products are backed by our experienced  and friendly customer service team.





The future of health and safety at work.


Notify’s software enables health and safety best practice:

  • Involve the whole company in your health and safety culture.
  • Anchor everyone in the business with your ‘why’ – engage everyone in the purpose.
  • Root out time-wasting manual processes.
  • Use the power of the data within your business to much greater effect.
  • Be future-fit when it comes to safety and compliance.

Moving to Notify’s digital solution means you have an instant advantage in improved accessibility, traceability and intelligence sharing, including the following:

  • Workers can immediately report incidents from their mobile from any location
  • Manage and track incident reports quickly and efficiently through to resolution
  • Use real-time data and insights to identify the high-risk areas
  • Automate and schedule audits and risk assessments
  • Show employees you truly value their safety and wellbeing by investing in smart tools
  • Engage your entire workforce in your safety culture
  • Enable workers to inform you instantly about hazards they spot
  • Reduce concerns about compliance, legal issues and fees with complete digital documentation audit trail
  • Remove the need for paperwork entirely, increase efficiency and be sustainable
  • Documents are at your fingertips with filters and keyword searches, with a secure login anywhere in the world.

Notify can help you to easily transition to a digital solution to instantly improve health, safety and wellbeing at work.

Everything you need for Health, Safety and Wellbeing at work.


Incident Management (NotifyIM)

Report incidents, near misses, ill health and track investigations to completion. Notify Incident Management (NotifyIM) is the smart Health & Safety reporting tool that enables you to log incidents, accidents and near-misses in seconds. Your entire organisation can report incidents using the NotifyIM app or cloud platform, while Incident Managers can follow-up and complete investigations quickly and easily.


  • Empower and educate employees and visitors to capture incidents in seconds – wherever they are located
  • Investigate, monitor and resolve incidents in a fraction of the time it takes manual processes
  • Assign, track and follow up actions
  • Measure performance, constantly monitor and improve safety
  • Capture Good Spots, Quality and Performance that make staff engaged with Health and Safety.

With NotifyIM, every employee can log a report in seconds from the Notify mobile app, wherever they are located:

  • Incidents
  • Accidents
  • Near-misses
  • Concerns
  • Ill-health
  • Mental health
  • COVID related issues

Incident managers can:

  • Investigate, monitor, follow-up and resolve incidents, all in real-time
  • Assign and track actions
  • Log instances of lost time and ‘good spot’ suggestions
  • Monitor and measure performance, identify trends



Audits & Checklists (NotifyAI)

Create safety audits and checklists, carry out audits remotely via mobile device.

Notify Audits and Inspections (NotifyAI) has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to build safety checklists and carry out repeating or one-off audits. Empower your team to digitally complete Audits, Inspection or Checklists on the go using our Notify AI mobile app or Audits Module Web app. Our intuitive Form Template Manager gives you the freedom and flexibility to build the capture forms to suit your business needs.

  • Create and share audit questionnaires and checklists
  • Create intuitive audits with options on how answers are generated
  • Empower your team to work and conduct audits on the move with our Notify AI Mobile app (available on IOS and Android)
  • Manage inspection cycles
  • Audit Scheduler helps automate the allocation and timing of Audits to your team
  • Assign actions to other users within your organisation
  • Set up workflows so that alerts and reminders are issued to colleagues
  • Measure performance, learn and identify trends
  • Create your own organisation structure and compare departments, regions or locations
  • Generate unlimited real-time reports

Risk Assessments (NotifyRA)

Create digital risk assessments, complete and manage centrally.

Notify Risk Assessments (NotifyRA) allows you to create and manage online risk assessments that are relevant for your organisation to show you have considered all risks and how you are managing them. Easy to use and simple to understand, NotifyRA allows you to manage Health & Safety across your business.

  • Create Risk Assessments with easy-to-understand risk scoring
  • Follow best practice and encourage collaboration
  • Help employees to understand what they can do to reduce risks
  • Quickly gather feedback on hazards identified by your workers
  • Assign risk control measures
  • Log risk, severity and probability scores
  • Assign actions to other users within your organisation
  • Create your own organisation structure and compare departments, regions or locations

Advanced Dashboards

Advanced Dashboards bring all Notify products together covering all your Health & Safety requirements.

Notify provides customers with real time actionable insight that empowers management teams to identify key trends and get the most out of their Health and Safety data. Each Notify login user has access to a standard dashboard that shows tasks assigned to that user, with a summary of incidents and actions including anything that is due or overdue. Advanced Dashboards include:

  • Use the Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) Dashboard for HSE and industry recognised benchmarks
  • Use the Incident Management Dashboard to view incidents by type or by time period
  • Use the Action Tracker Dashboard to see actions by date range and status
  • Every user account has a ‘task overview’ dashboard included
  • Visibility of AFR for RIDDOR reportable and Lost Time events
  • You can run management meetings using the Notify application rather than flat paper reports or complex spreadsheets.

Simple, smart, secure – and sustainable.

Notify software is simple to use.

Tech minded or non-tech, anyone can use our software to report a safety event. Notify’s management dashboards help drive cultural change, and safety becomes seen as a part of everyone’s job – so you achieve

maximum engagement in safety across your entire workforce. Monthly safety reports can be completed in the time it takes to export to pdf.

Smart software makes things easier, faster and more accurate.

Workflows make sure the right information gets to the right person at the right time. Drop-down menus make selections easy and error-free and our interactive dashboards constantly drive insight so you can pre-empt future areas of risk. Actions are managed automatically with reminders and alerts prompting users.

We take security seriously

With Notify, your data is secure. Your data is maintained by AWS, one of the world’s most trusted hosting providers. Notify Technology Ltd is accredited to Cyber Essentials and we run external penetration testing on our software every 12 months. We’ve recently introduced Single Sign On (SSO) to provide an additional layer of security.

Remove the need for paperwork. Be sustainable.

No more paperwork – by going digital your business not only becomes far more efficient but will instantly contribute towards the global mission to help the planet.



Here’s what Notify delivers to clients


Experience the benefits of a digital health and safety solution.

  • Increase the efficiency overall of your health and safety processes
  • Improve employee engagement and feedback at every level
  • Reduce the risk of work-related illnesses and injuries – on average gaining back up to a day per month
  • Enable your business to prove compliance in the event of a claim
  • Save money in the short and long term with more efficient practices
  • Help in the attraction and retention of employees
  • Win new clients with tender processes often requiring the need to demonstrate innovation in health and safety
  • Realise the benefits of large amounts of health and safety data as machine learning begins to shift to predicting cause for concern well in advance of any near miss

To find out more and for a free trial visit You can email us or call us on +44 (0)330 390 0530.