Novade, WakeCap to Aid Productivity in Saudi Construction Sites

Novade Solutions, a leading global provider of cloud-based field management software, has announced an innovative collaboration with WakeCap, a prominent provider of intelligent solutions for construction site management. This partnership aims to elevate safety, quality, and productivity to unprecedented levels on extensive construction projects.

Headquartered in Singapore, Novade is renowned as a top-tier supplier of field management software, trusted by major companies in the building and infrastructure sectors worldwide. Its software has been deployed on over 10,000 sites globally.

Through Novade, various site processes such as permits to work (PTWs), safety inspections, quality inspections, and site diaries are digitised and automated using mobile devices. The captured data provides valuable insights to streamline operations and enhance performance.

The collaboration between Novade Solutions and WakeCap will involve integrating advanced software applications and IoT technologies. This strategic partnership is focused on enhancing safety, quality, and productivity on large-scale construction projects across Saudi Arabia.

“WakeCap’s easily integrable tools are revolutionary for our construction clients,” said Hassan Albalawi, CEO and co-founder of WakeCap.

“WakeCap automates data collection, enabling site owners to validate and quantify performance and obtain real-time insights on project milestones and deliverables. We are excited to collaborate with Novade, whose expertise in digitising and managing processes closely aligns with our vision,” Albalawi noted.

WakeCap, whose technology solutions are implemented on some of the largest construction sites in the GCC, sets an industry standard for data-driven site visibility with its smart hard hat solution designed to enhance productivity and safety on sites.

Commenting on the strategic collaboration, Novade CEO Denis Branthonne said, “WakeCap’s unique capability to capture field data is invaluable, particularly for large-scale projects. By combining our strengths, we are poised to deliver solutions that will redefine construction management in the region.”

Both companies are already partnering with Aramco, the world’s largest integrated energy company, aiming to enhance value for the Saudi group while also extending the solution set to other projects and clients in the region, Branthonne stated.

This collaboration is anticipated to have a significant impact on the Saudi Arabian construction sector, aligning with the country’s Vision 2030 goals of economic diversification and sustainable development, he added.