Overcoming Lack of Visibility in EHS via Enablement through DIGITIZATION

One of the major challenges faced by those managing their organization’s Health & Safety needs is Uniform and Validated visibility across the board. Sometimes there can be no transparency for management to gain quick access to critical EHS statistics which leads to EHS being a REACTIVE function and in turn, can hamper an Organization’s Reputation dramatically!

Key to overcoming this challenge is enabling your workforce by Digitization of key EHS Processes and providing them with the tools to view tangible results.

Here are the parameters to look at when selecting your EHS ‘Digitization’ Platform-

How efficiently are you using your Data?

One of the advantages of having an online system is that we can collate data, data which in turn can provide information or insights. When implementing your EHS digital platform it is essential that organizations consider how easily will the system collect my data and how well will it process it.

This is precisely why we developed Aegis 360 with built in Insights which provide data analysis on-the -go to the end users.

Percolating Accountability

EHS begins at the top however the implementation of it happens at all levels within an organization, this highlights the need for a platform which ensures the planning and strategic objectives translate into key KPIs to the operational teams and that these actions are tracked diligently by the platform.

Aegis 360 with its Routing Engine makes such tracking fluent and easy with configurable alerts, reminders and escalation rule sets.

Moving EHS from Reactive to Proactive

The fundamental need for implementing EHS policies is to save lives, and for this to happen it takes a combination of structured policies, active management, and a platform which supports Enablement of the workforce. It is only when the field teams have complete accessibility to not only report but also visualize their trends easily, will change of any degree happen!

Aegis 360 with its completely responsive design, accessibility across devices offline or online helps organizations achieve this.

Click here to see how you can benefit from Aegis 360

Aegis 360 is a pioneering web-based 360 EHS Management Platform in line with the internationally acclaimed ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Standards. Aegis 360 can help you define and implement EHS Policies which fit into your organizational needs, focusing on EHS in daily operations. Delivering industry Best Practices Out of Box and coupled with strong integration capabilities make Aegis 360 an ideal solution to REPORT-MANAGE-TRACK & ANALYSE your EHS. Click here to download the brochure. Click here to download the brochure.

Content courtesy of  Gaurav Khupsare, MACS-G Solutions DMCC

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