Placing HSE&S in the Hands of Your Workforce – Introducing Gensuite Smart Technologies


Our best ideas have always come from our subscriber community thinking collaboratively. We’ve worked diligently with our customers to develop the first Smart Technologies for Health, Safety, and Environment & Sustainability (HSE&S), and today we are pleased to watch our shared ideas come to life!

With our subscriber community, we are leveraging the transformational power of Smart Technologies to do good in the HSE&S compliance and management industry. Together, we’ve introduced Artificial Intelligence and Smart Glass solutions as part of the next generation of Gensuite, and we are incredibly proud to see these tech dreams realized across work environments worldwide.

When we first began developing these technologies, we wanted to find a way to move HSE&S software technology out of the office and to workers on sites. Working with our Gensuite Champions, we discovered that to do this we needed to implement Smart Technologies to place Gensuite into the hands of the workforce. These technologies supplement your compliance and management programs to improve engagement, efficiency and more. Our community has chosen to be the first to explore these technologies, so we can continuously evolve and improve. And, thanks to our subscribers, we’ve carefully collaborated to deliver best-practice driven Frontier Technologies—enabling our users to deploy a tried and true solution.

Here are 2 of the latest Gensuite Smart Technologies and how they can transform the way your team works:


We began working on an Artificial Intelligence-based Gensuite helper in 2016, based on discussions from subscribers who were interested in deploying a voice-controlled virtual assistant across their sites. Together, we created Genny. After months of development, Gensuite first demonstrated Genny at the 2017 EHS Management Institute, where I demonstrated a full HSE&S briefing through Genny that was very well received by the audience. Since then, we have collaborated with our subscribers to continuously enhance Genny’s capabilities.

Genny, available through smart voice-controlled devices or through the Gensuite Desktop or Mobile applications, provides users with instant access to critical location, program and/or equipment-specific information using Artificial Intelligence. How does Genny work? On Gensuite’s software homepage, Genny is ready to tell users about key HSE&S aspects, can help find regulatory citations, show reports/charts, submit a safety concern quickly and much more. Our Artificial Intelligence-based virtual assistant is helping companies drive engagement, efficiency, safety and productivity in their day-to-day workplace management.

When it’s your responsibility to maintain the safety and sustainability of your workplace and all of your employees, having a side-kick like Genny can have a significant impact. Having the support of Genny helps our users carry out their jobs more effectively—enabling safer and more sustainable work environments.

Gensuite Smart Glass Solutions

Gensuite Smart Glass solutions deliver workplace auditing capabilities that have proven to be practical and applicable to any industry. Recently featured in the Verdantix Smart Innovators: Industrial Wearables report, our developments integrating Smart Glass technology with Gensuite software enables isolated workers in remote locations to share video feed, retrieve vital information and receive guidance, providing real-time problem solving through team collaboration and messaging.

According to the report, “(wearable) technology is the top priority in HSE decision-makers’ spending plans, with 42% of surveyed individuals planning to increase their expenditures in this category.” By partnering with our community and cutting-edge wearable technology providers, Gensuite is able to deliver a valuable, wearable resource to remote workers across diverse fields.

These advanced products are no longer pie-in-the-sky concepts. With several Gensuite subscribers piloting these new offerings, we are excited to bring these next-level Frontier Technologies and share best practices with HSE&S leaders across the globe. A big thank you is owed to our community, for always collaborating and innovating by partnering with Gensuite. We look forward to continuing the Gensuite evolution together!

Interested in piloting either Genny or our Smart Glass solution for your business? Contact one of our experts to see these technologies in action and to request free demo access to our software system!