PPE and Workwear for Women

Are you wearing Women's or Men's workwear or PPE?

HSE People reached out to our network having heard from several female members about the lack of specific women’s PPE and workwear. We asked our network “Are you wearing Women’s or Men’s PPE?” and almost 700 ladies voted. 

There are some manufacturers who cater for women but even those companies tend to have limited lines and choice. 

Women’s PPE and workwear isn’t about smaller sizes and pink products! All employees should be protected and comfortable when working and that includes those who are pregnant, plus-size, menopausal and wishing to dress modestly.

In November we will be publishing a special edition of The PPE Safety Showcase e-magazine focusing on women in safety and PPE products. There are only a couple of feature slots left due to overwhelming interest. To find out more contact us info@hsepeople.com.