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HSE People – The Safety and PPE Industry’s Biggest Online Network

Safety and PPE has never been more important and relevant than it is right now. As an industry we have been keeping people safe and healthy, often facing intimidation, ridicule and a lack of support from colleagues and management, which has made us strong and independent. As a community we rely on each other for knowledge and advice, here at HSE People we are proud to be part of such a kind and supportive industry.

Our Network is Changing and Growing

In the last six months we have experienced record growth with thousands of new members joining the HSE People network every week! We are working hard to provide quality content and news, information is key but we know we can do better. If you write a blog or regular articles and would like to share them with the HSE People network then please get in touch.

The Coronavirus Pandemic

As the Coronavirus pandemic swept the world we reacted quickly and created The PPE Directory to connect those in need of PPE with genuine suppliers. The directory covers all categories of personal protective equipment and safety products including software, apps, instrumentation and hygiene products. A 12-month listing starts from just £199/$245/€225 and there are additional services available including social media marketing and promotion.

We’re sure everyone knows someone whose business or job has been affected by the pandemic. HSE People is committed to helping people get back on their feet, if your business would benefit from some free advice and promotion let us know. Likewise if you’re job seeking, we want to help you too. Work is currently underway on our brand new website which will include a FREE job board. We want to use our huge network to bring together those seeking a job with recruiters and hirers, if you hire in the HSE and PPE market and you would like to find out more get in touch.

The Future

HSE People strongly believes that safety and PPE is only going to become more important to everyone. We want to continue growing our community and providing free help and information. We are excited about several new projects including –

  • A brand new HSE People website
  • A virtual PPE exhibition
  • The new and free HSE People job board
  • Collaborations with new and existing organisations

We know that our strength is our members, we would be nothing without you all. Thank you for your support, ideas and input.

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