#PPEthatfits Campaign: Get Involved!

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has introduced a significant new initiative to tackle pervasive inequalities in the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) within the construction industry.

The #PPEthatfits campaign aims to raise awareness about the widespread lack of inclusive PPE in the market and assess its impact on health and safety at construction sites. Simultaneously, it addresses the challenge of hindering the industry’s efforts to attract and retain a more diverse workforce. The campaign includes a directory of suppliers offering #PPEthatfits, which will be regularly updated.

In collaboration with Construction Management and CIOB People, CIOB will use the campaign to examine necessary changes across the industry, spotlighting positive instances of inclusive and adaptive PPE. Individuals interested in supporting the campaign are encouraged to get in touch.

The campaign defines #PPEthatfits as:

“PPE that properly fits the wearer, irrespective of gender, culture, religion, size, or shape, is safe, and complies with health and safety regulations.”

The campaign outlines three primary objectives:

  1. Encouraging construction organisations to request #PPEthatfits for their workforce from suppliers.
  2. Urging PPE manufacturers to produce #PPEthatfits.
  3. Promoting manufacturing standards for PPE to consider gender, religious, and cultural considerations.

During a recent roundtable event marking the campaign’s launch, CIOB president Sandi Rhys Jones emphasised the urgent need for a transformation in the construction industry’s approach to PPE. She called upon contractors, manufacturers, and policymakers to take immediate action.

“At the Chartered Institute of Building, we are committed to making a difference in this area,” she stated.

Rhys Jones stressed the importance of inclusivity, particularly for women, but also acknowledged the significance of men in driving this change. The goal is not exclusivity but inclusivity.

The CIOB invites individuals to share their PPE experiences—whether it’s poorly fitting PPE or stories about innovative manufacturers producing inclusive PPE. Contact Nadine Buddoo or Cristina Lago, or share your stories on social media using the hashtag #PPEthatfits.

Nadine Buddoo: nadine.buddoo@atompublishing.co.uk Cristina Lago: cristina.lago@atompublishing.co.uk