Prevom International – Global Challenges, Local Solutions

The world of international business demands not only compliance with diverse safety regulations but also a commitment to sustainable practices across borders. Prevom, recognised for its exemplary services in fostering safe and environmentally responsible workplaces, is now expanding its horizons with Prevom International. This new initiative is set to replicate Prevom’s successful formula on a global scale, catering to the unique needs of multinationals and businesses operating across different countries.

Global challenges, local solutions

Prevom International understands that safety and environmental standards vary significantly across regions. By leveraging local expertise in tandem with their well-established safety practices, they are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that are both globally informed and locally relevant.

Expertise beyond borders

The team of Prevom International consists of experts familiar with international safety standards and regional compliance requirements. This ensures that their services are not only universally applicable but also tailored to specific cultural and legal environments.

Comprehensive services for multinationals

The range of services offered by Prevom International extends beyond basic compliance. It includes global risk assessments, multinational project sourcing, fire safety management tailored to different country regulations, and training programs designed for diverse workforces.

A unified approach to SCC & ISO standards

Understanding the criticality of international certifications like SCC & ISO, Prevom International assists businesses in achieving and maintaining these standards globally. Their approach ensures consistency in safety and quality practices across all international branches of a business.

Building a culture of safety worldwide

Through its training and consulting services, Prevom International aims to instill a culture of safety that transcends borders. Their goal is to create work environments where safety is a universal value, deeply ingrained in every employee, regardless of their location.

Collaborating for a safer tomorrow

Prevom’s  expansion signifies a commitment to taking the proven success of their safety and environmental stewardship to a global stage. They are ready to partner with multinationals and international businesses, guiding them towards a future where safety and sustainability are not just policies but integral parts of corporate identity.

Prevom’s rapid response to EHS needs in France & the Netherlands

Prevom International exemplified its commitment to client satisfaction and operational excellence when faced with a critical request from a valued customer regarding two projects in France. Responding swiftly to the urgent need for environmental, health, and safety (EHS) support on automatisation projects, they mobilised two colleagues to serve as EHS Officer and EHS Specialist in Toulouse and Senlis.

In just a matter of days, Prevom ensured that the projects could proceed with confidence by providing expert personnel to oversee EHS compliance. This rapid deployment showcased Prevom’s agility and dedication to meeting clients’ needs promptly and effectively, even under challenging circumstances.

 In the Netherlands, they will start providing EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) support during day and night shifts starting in May. This assistance will extend over a period of 14 weeks for an offshore project aimed at constructing a wind farm in the North Sea.


A new era in international workplace safety

As Prevom International embarks on this journey, they carry with them a legacy of excellence and a vision for a safer, more sustainable world. Their expansion is more than a business strategy, it is a commitment to raising the standard of workplace safety and environmental responsibility on a global scale.

How can Prevom help your company?

At Prevom International, they understand the significance of maintaining high standards in Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality management within your organisation. As a leading provider of comprehensive solutions in this domain, we are dedicated to supporting companies in achieving excellence in every aspect of their projects.

Should you find yourself in need of superior assistance for your HSEQ initiatives, they are here to lend their expertise. Their team of seasoned professionals is committed to delivering tailored support and guidance to address your specific requirements effectively.

Whether you seek guidance in regulatory compliance, risk assessment, process optimization, or any other facet of HSEQ management, Prevom is prepared to assist you every step of the way. With their proven track record of delivering results-driven solutions, you can trust them to empower your company with the highest quality support.

Do not hesitate to reach out to them at to discuss how they can best serve your company’s needs. Your success is their priority, and they look forward to the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of your HSEQ projects.