Promote your Products and Services – Slips and Trips

Slip Safety Services are putting together a free resources hub for customers to give lots of value across the spectrum of slips, trips and falls, to encourage people to take action. 

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your products or services and connect with potential customers.

Partners included would get:

  1. Brand awareness, as I’ll be plugging this to thousands of people a week one way or the other, including logos
  2. Leads/opportunities coming from the freebie
  3. A network opportunity with the other partners

You can offer a variety of resources including a sample, a trial, a whitepaper, a training video or even a self-assessment

…basically anything that is free for the client to use but adds value. 

This resources hub will be promoted using live webinars, LinkedIn, e-magazines and much more. This is a great chance to increase your online presence and brand awareness.

To find out more get in touch with Slip Safety Services: