PwC Sued by Employee Who Lost Half His Skull After ‘Pub Golf’ Outing

The auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) is being sued by a UK employee who lost half of his skull after taking part in a “pub golf” work event that involved excessive drinking.

The court filing against PwC claims there was “heavy pressure” and staff were encouraged to attend the event and the rules of the event encouraged excessive alcohol consumption over many hours from about 6pm. According to documents the original invite from one of PwC’s managers stated “I expect absolute attendance from all of those who attended last year’s invitational. Nothing short of a certified and countersigned letter by an accredited medical practitioner will suffice as excuse.”

Brockie became so intoxicated at the event that he had no memory of the outing after 10pm and was found lying in the street after suffering a serious head injury. Brockie is described by the doctors as a “walking miracle” after recovering from the head injury which resulted in the young professional having half of his skull removed and returning to work just six months later.

Michael Brockie had to have half of his skull removed following the incident. Photograph: ITV Meridian

Brockie is now suing PwC for more than £200,000 and is requesting that additional future payments be made available. The court documents claim there is risk that Brockie could develop epilepsy in the long-term as a result of his injuries

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