Quite Right Safety Wear

For over 20 years, Quite Right has produced and supplied Personal Protective Equipment to companies in Offshore, Marine and Industry.

We distinguish ourselves through extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of occupational safety. Our specialists have been active and supportive in establishing safety policies for companies in the mentioned industries.

Originated in 2015, we started our own complete clothing safety line that distinguishes itself by adding practical details to the clothing. The clothing line consists of (currently) work shoes, overalls, winter parkas, rain pants and jackets.

From June 1st, 2023, Quite Right Safety Wear will supply multinorm (flame retardant, antistatic, light acid resistant, protection against thermal hazards) overalls, work trousers and battledresses for women. (Available in sizes XS to XXL)

The women’s trousers are available from sizes 36 to 44.

Quite Right Safety Wear is the first to offer a complete line in women’s safety fashion.

The first delivery consists of 500 pieces of each model, in different sizes.

We also have a women’s safety shoe line with S3 requirements.

The combination with shock absorption in the heel and an antistatic, non-penetrable safety sole makes these shoes suitable for the toughest work.

Providing effective PPE available to employees and supervising its use is a legal obligation.

Anyone can supply equipment, Quite Right works differently! We take a specialized look at your operational processes. Based on this expertise, we advise on the use of and supply efficient products and services. In practice, this efficiency often leads to:

  • A safer production environment,
  • Cost reductions, direct and indirect.
  • Smaller (residual) risk of industrial accidents
  • Better legal position in case of liability.

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