The HSE People Panel is made up of specialists across different areas who have volunteered to share their insight and experience with the HSE People network

Darcie Jaremy was born and raised in bustling Toronto, Canada. After studying at Dalhousie University, Darcie spent the next 15 years in the ergonomics industry while simultaneously working through a Masters of Science in Health Ergonomics from The University of Derby in 2012. Darcie has built her career in ergonomics assessments in a variety of industries.
Darcie Jaremy
Scott was first introduced to health and safety as part of his role within the military back in 2004. His first full time role began in 2006 as a health and safety co-ordinator within the financial industry. After seven years, he progressed to a regional role within the ambulance service, before obtaining his current Principal Consultant role with Ellis Whittam covering counties in South West England.
Scott Crichton
HSE in the Public Sector
An award winning HSE influencer with International Mens Day recognition, Mike’s unique approach and style to tackling challenges inspires new visions and perspectives across multiple industries making him a leader to new found movements and a voice that is listened to. Health and Safety aside, Mike combines mind, body and environment as one guiding a global movement bringing communities together to promote positive energy and growth to different areas across the UK and overseas.
Mike Scotland
Mental Health in the HSE Industry

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