Ask Ady reviews Dexters Workwear

Being a workwear reviewer is awesome, I get to see so many new products about to hit the market. But a week ago a company called Dexters Workwear sent me a box with some work trousers in. Upon opening it, I was blown away! Dexters was launched in January 2017 -  these guys have created a brand-new clip on pocket system that is designed for just about any tool or industry you can think of.

The pockets can be positioned in 4 different areas and are completely universal for your specific trade. These guys not only have come up with a very neat niche idea, but they have also built a fantastic pair of trousers too; the cut and fabric is really good too. These guys have an extensive background in the production of military clothing, so you know these work trousers are going to be hard as nails.

I can tell you that Dexters have put a lot of time and thought into this idea and I know you tradesmen are going to love them.

Watch my video review here

For more information see Dexters Workwear

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