Dexters Workwear – Work Trouser & Clip on Pocket System

This is a brand new range of workwear, just out on the market. It's called Dexters Workwear. First off, I would like to show you the trouser and then show you the pocket system. So, the trousers themselves are a ripstop type fabric, which is polyester but has a soft, cotton type feel. They are very lightweight, grey with black cordura to give them extra strength. They have 7 pockets; 2 cargo type, bellow style pockets on the sides, which expand the more you put in them both secured with velcro, the right hand pocket has an id card holder and on the left there is also slots for screwdrivers, pencils or paintbrushes etc plus the velcro flap you can keep your wallet secure in; 2 deep front pockets, where one has a secluded little pocket with a zip on where you could keep your change. The zip is not exposed, so you won't scratch anything with the metal. Also there is a good YKK zip with a plastic button, so again, you won't scratch anything. On the rear you have cordura pockets which has one open and one with a velcro flap. Discreet Dexters logo badging and lots of bar stitching all over. The crotch area has a saddle piece of fabric which makes this area stronger too. Around the hem is more cordura making them nice and strong. Good looking, modern style trouser. Now, on to the pocket system! At the minute, this is broken down into decorators, painters, electrician, plumbers etc. These pockets can mostly be used universally for different trades. If you have an idea or a trade which you feel hasn't been covered, get in touch with them and they will do some research and maybe put something together. The first pocket I look at is what you'd use for maybe a drill holster.
These pockets work by clipping to 2 little loops just below the belt loops. They snap in place easily. You can clip over the front of this pocket, which is good if you are going up a ladder and don't want your drill to fall out. Also they have put some small slots in the front of it where you can put your drill bits or your screwdriver pieces. These pockets can go on the front or on the back, so you can have 4 available pockets. Great, different design. The next pocket is for a hammer. Drop your hammer in and inside is a reinforced bag where you could put your screws and another pocket for extra screws etc. If you were working up a ladder, you can put the pockets at the back. The painter's bucket has a magnetic holder on the side, so the brush doesn't fall in. The pot pops out of the pocket for easy cleaning afterwards. For electricians, carpet fitters, plumbers etc, this pocket would be great. It has a loop on to put your PTFE tape on or your electrician's tape, plus a metal catch to put your tape measure, plus there's slots to put your screwdrivers etc.



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