SafeTech e-magazine April – ESG Reporting, Managing and Monitoring Software

In April we are publishing and promoting a special edition of SafeTech our monthly e-magazine focusing on technology such as software, AI and apps. This edition will be highlighting software and technology that is available for companies for ESG reporting, monitoring ESG results, communicating with the workforce and shareholders, managing a sustainable supply chain and much more.

This publication will go into the email inbox of 140,000 members and will be promoted online to over 400,000 individuals using our vast social media network.  Our team can work with you to create an engaging piece of content which not only highlights your business and products/services but also your insight as industry experts, this sort of content connects well with potential clients and customers.

Features start from £999 ~ €1,200 ~ $1,350.

Deadline for content: Thursday 14th April

Publication date: Tuesday 19th April