SafetyFreelancer Platform targets getting safety people back into the Field

The SafetyFreelancer Platform targets getting safety people back into the Field launches at the London Expo to help business owners deal with safety paperWORK overload

SafetyFreelancer today announced the launch of their new Freelancer platform which is aimed at supporting business owners to deal with the complexity and burden of safety paperwork and safety administration. Business owners and safety professionals will sign up for free. The business owners will post safety related administration tasks [projects] and a price [offer] and freelancers will bid for those works. The most suitable freelancer will be selected by the business owner and at the end of the project the freelancer will be paid on the platform once the job is completed successfully. SafetyFreelancer takes a small commission for each transaction.

SafetyFreelancer is the first global Freelancer website bringing safety professionals and business owners together. A mobile app has also been developed so freelancers and business owners can check in on the project progress in real time. There is over 160 million various type Freelancers [GiG Workers] working in Europe and in the United States yet no marketplace has been developed to support the Safety industry until now. This platform can be used by any sector and using a clever filter process people can enhance the shortlist of safety experts required. The platform also has a rating system for both parties thus adding more value and maintaining the integrity of the platform. You can find many safety specialists on the platform who have a speciality in specific sectors for example – Safety Recruiters, Safety Bloggers, Risk Assessors, Safety administrators, Design Safety professionals, Chemical Safety experts, Safety Bloggers, Safety Planners & Policy Makers, Safety presenters, OHSAS Management system professionals, Safety Writers, Safety Researchers, Behavioural based safety professionals, and many more . . .

Commenting on the announcement, Gavin Coyle MBS. Safety and Co-founder and CEO of SafetyFreelancer said “We are very pleased to be announcing the launch of our platform, our mission is to get safety people more in the field and less working on paperwork in office’s around the world, we want to connect great freelancer talent from our platform with great companies and safety leaders”

“Our research has shown that safety professionals are spending up to 70% of their working time in their offices working on safety administration tasks, at we want to help business owners and safety leaders get their best talent more in the field coaching, mentoring, advising and solving issues on the ground “

The platform is going live during the Safety & Health Expo on the 18th June 2019 and business owners and freelancers can login and register simply by visiting

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