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Winning strategies for conducting remote audits and self-assessments

In a COVID-19 world, many EHS professionals are looking for the right tools to fit the unique needs of their organizations. How can you monitor for compliance if you can’t travel to (or, sometimes, even physically enter) your offices and/or job sites? How do you ensure your preventive actions and safety initiatives are not falling by the wayside? How are you preparing to train your workers to stay healthy during reopening?


Gary Vegh, Co-Founder of ERA-EHS Solutions


Health and Safety Automation – ERA-EHS Management Solutions

HSE People spoke with Gary Vegh, the Cofounder of ERA-EHS Management Solutions, an HSE automation solution developer, about how to bridge the innovation gap using the right combination of compliance knowledge and software intelligence. ERA-EHS is on the forefront of safety automation, particularly in the automotive industry where some of the most compliance operating scenarios are found.



Introducing Red Laces

Red Laces was founded by Jonathan Dempsey, a double-Chartered MBA consultant passionate about working with Boards, business owners and entrepreneurs to quickly solve business problems. From start up to global market leaders, Jonathan develops approaches which strategically ‘design risk’ into your business as a positive driver for growth. Approaches aligned with your vision, brand, values, operating plans and set within the context of your operating environment improve your efficiency and increases agility.  

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