Scottish Plant Owners Association ‘Women in Plant’ Group Promotes PPE for Female Workers

Matt Higham (image courtesy of LinkedIn)

The Women in Plant (WiP) group, part of the Scottish Plant Owners Association (SPOA), has partnered with Leo Workwear, a leading supplier of high-visibility workwear, to promote suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) and clothing tailored for women in the plant industry.

Encountering challenges in sourcing safety and high-visibility clothing that fits well and ensures safety on worksites, the WiP group approached Leo Workwear for assistance. Leo Workwear, known for its expertise in designing and producing high-visibility female workwear, responded by offering a range of items bearing the Women in Plant group logo. SPOA is facilitating the distribution of these clothing items to women associated with the Association, ahead of ScotPlant, where the full range was showcased. The complete Leo Workwear range is available for order through Highland Industrial Supplies, offering an exclusive WiP discount; interested parties can inquire via email at

Developed by an all-female team based on years of feedback and wearer trials, the clothing range includes trousers, base layers, and vests, ensuring safety for all workers regardless of gender, size, or religion. Specialised items for pregnant women and those experiencing menopause, as well as modesty tunics designed with safety considerations for specific religious practices, are also available.

Matt Higham, national account manager at Leo Workwear, emphasised the importance of providing appropriate safety equipment for all workers, regardless of gender. He highlighted the company’s commitment to developing clothing that fits well, is comfortable, functional, and contributes to workplace safety.

The clothing is made using recycled materials, aligning with sustainability goals and resulting in a 50% reduction in carbon emissions. Leo Workwear has addressed various challenges faced by women in the industry, including the need for functional movement, varied leg lengths, and adequate pocket sizes. Regulatory standards for high-visibility clothing are also met, with options available to ensure compliance, even in smaller sizes.

Zaya McMillan-Grant from SPOA’s Women in Plant group expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting the importance of recognising the diverse needs of workers in the industry. She hopes that the initiative will encourage employers to reassess the PPE and clothing provided to female employees, prioritising safety for all workers.

The women’s range of Leo Workwear PPE and clothing will be showcased at Highland Industrial Supplies open days in Inverness on the 6th and 7th of June.