SG4 has been updated!

SG4:22 ‘Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations’ replaces the 2015 revision, and provides industry best practice when utilising tube and fitting, and system scaffolding. Its emphasis still remains on ensuring a ‘safe zone’ is maintained throughout the operation for scaffolders.

The key changes are:
▪ it now includes system scaffolding as well as traditional tube and fitting
▪ the removal of old technology.
▪ it ties in to reflect the changes that TG20:21 brought in.
▪ additional safety guidance on working on beams.
▪ further hazards, risks and control measures when working on fragile roofs.
▪ an improved Safe System of Work for temporary roofs and the prevention of falls.

You can download the latest update for free from the NASC shop


Carly Hughes is a Health & Safety Consultant at SHE Advises Ltd and one of our HSE People Champions.