HSE People Marketing – £100 Referral Reward

Forward our details to your marketing team and earn a £100 referral reward!

Did you know HSE People can provide the company you work for with marketing and advertising services such as –

  • HTML email campaigns

  • Social media marketing

  • Banners on our website

  • A listing on our business directory

You might not work in the marketing team but we offer a £100 referral reward for anyone who forwards our details to their marketing department and then they subsequently book any marketing! Simply forward our information to your marketing team (our media packs are below) and then let us know by emailing info@hsepeople.com. Once any marketing is booked and paid for then we will then send you your £100 reward!

Media Pack – Media pack260318

US Media Pack – Media pack260318US

Thank you for your support and Stay Safe!

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