Audit Management Software: How to Build Smarter and Safer Organisations?

Move On From Compliance- Unleash the Power of Audits by Digging Valuable Insights and Risks That Weigh Your Growth Down

How prepared is your organisation for internal as well as external ‘Audits’? How much do you rate your organisational audit preparedness on the scale of 10? In wake of evolving regulatory environment, GDPR implementation and updating compliance requirements- most companies are baffled at even any sudden mention of audits.

To stay ahead in this competitive age, it is important for companies of all sizes to be audit-ready and maintain highly efficient processes. In wake of this constant change, how do companies can become ready, smarter and safer from the word go?

Big Barriers: Paper-based Audit Processes vs. Paperless Audit management solutions

For years, paper-based audits have been the norm. Traditional auditing methods result in sloppy data management, high manual errors, cumbersome approach and data security breaches. In a fast-paced market, checklists on paper, pen and spreadsheets cost heavily in terms of money and efforts. Eventually, quality management becomes laggard and ineffective.

Challenges of using paper-based audits are:

  • Costs, Time and Manual Efforts: It is a universal truth that paper-based methods consumer more time, human efforts and result in heavy costs for any organisation.
  • Erroneous Document Control: There are chances of manual errors in document change control process and current status leading to poor document control.
  • Poor Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) Management: Less reliability, CAPA is a tough nut to crack for quality managers to execute improvement initiatives and tract status of planned changes. It is difficult to identify potential issues, act on it in a timely manner and that results in higher non-compliance.
  • Data Breach: Big dangers loom over hordes of paper like unauthorised access, weather and maintenance conditions and fear of loss. Without proper data encryption, chances of data theft and security issues rise while using paper-based systems.

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The time is now for businesses to start considering audits as the linchpin of their success. Like other industries, technology is rapidly taking over audit management. Smart and intelligent paperless audit management solutions like ECAT, are enabling auditors to plan and act in a whole new perspective.

Why make a quick move to technology based audit management software:

  • Saves Time, Money and Efforts: Technology based audit does it all- drastically reduces auditing time, increases efficiency and instant reports smoothen the entire audit lifecycle.
  • Ease of use: Once implemented, audit is on the cloud and is extremely easy to use. Leading audit management software deliver mobile enabled audits that are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Organizations can enjoy custom-built experience on the go.
  • Effective Compliance: It is difficult to immediately abide to changing rules and regulations in any industry. It is quick and easy to make required changes with technology. Audit software solutions are seen as a reliable and realistic approach for companies to effectively comply with regulations.
  • Better Standardisation: Create audits, upload responses and get intuitive reports –with few clicks. Drive numerous audit capabilities and leverage power of flawless reports leading to greater standardization with process improvement opportunities for businesses.

Intelligent audit management software build a strong foundation for companies to gain valuable insights and making their core more customer-focussed. So, where does it start?

Get the Real Picture with Best Audit Value Solution- ECAT

To conduct deeper, quicker and more accurate audits, you need to have one stop solution that various needs for safety, healthcare, quality and environmental audits. A versatile and simpler way to audits exist- with ECAT audit management solution. Suitable for companies from small to Fortune 500 sizes, ECAT has been tried, tested and appreciated by globally leading brands. ECAT helps to embed intelligence to processes, drive greater standardisation and strengthen operational excellence for businesses. With a customer focussed support, ECAT becomes the catalyst to bring new innovations to sites on both sides of the Atlantic and beyond.

Leverage smarter enterprise auditing success with ECAT because:

  • Ease to automate entire audit lifecycle in one centralised system
  • Seamless access to the audit software tool from anywhere- anytime
  • Gain measurable ROI with reduction in auditing time by 60%
  • Increase operational efficiency by 30%
  • Enjoy better business productivity with more time to focus on core skills
  • Manage multiple users at various locations completely hassle-free
  • Quickest deployment and low-cost rollout

Experience an easier, faster and smarter way to skilfully navigate through the maze of risks, opportunities and regulations. Define your audits with ECAT!

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