Sofvie Inc. is blazing the trail to a Zero Harm workplace

Millions of employees in every industry around the world are needlessly suffering from injuries and fatalities. We are here to help create and deliver the safe workplace everyone deserves.

Sofvie Inc. began with a simple search for EHS management software.

Gus Minor, Sofvie’s Chief Innovation Officer, was tasked with finding software designed to transform a mining company’s paper-based health and safety policies, processes and procedures into an easier to manage and execute model in a digital format.

After sifting through countless options and sitting through dozens of options, every potential solution fell short to the vision. They were leaving the workforce behind in most cases, specifically designed for upper management, or extremely clunky and counterintuitive.

Rather than abandon the project or settle for something less than perfect, he partnered up with some like-minded colleges and got to work on something strong enough to satisfy the needs of every level of the organization, but simple enough that any individual can pick it up and start using it intuitively.

Sofvie was born.

The unfortunate aspect of life that every member of Sofvie shares is loss. In the small mining community of Sudbury, Ontario, losing a loved one due to workplace incidents or watching them suffer from an injury is far too common.

From the onset, it was obvious that the driving force behind Sofvie’s software is to achieve a Zero Harm workplace and that the only way to reach this goal is by placing the power in the hands of frontline workers.

Fast-forward a few years and they are well on their way. Sofvie has been active in the field and put to use by hundreds of workers. All data shows that workers are exponentially more vigilant with identifying risks and hazards, more focused on the quality of their work, and work more collaboratively. This success has made its way uphill. Management teams can find information more freely, generate reports with ease, and can attain a birds eye view of the entire organization through simple dashboards.

There were also a few unexpected results: Culture and Retention

That’s the big story here.

There’s a lot of finger-pointing and passing the buck when it comes to how equipment was damaged or tracking down the source of an incident. Once Sofvie is introduced this all goes away. Workers have each others’ backs. They look out for one another, spend more time cleaning their workplace so that their report photos look better, and maintain a general sense of comradery even when working in isolation. When asked, workers attribute these improvements to the power of Sofvie’s collaborative intelligence platform. When management is questioned, they report similar results. The technology upgrades that Sofvie introduces to organizations makes recruiting top-talent much more attractive to candidates and has made significant impacts to retention efforts.

To put it simply, workers are healthier, happier, more productive, and refuse to work anywhere that operates with sub-par technology or safety practices/systems.

This is just the beginning. Sofvie has an extensive list of upgrades and additions planned for the future. Some will offer modest improvements and additional modules for a safer, more productive workday. Others, however, are poised to disrupt the way safety is managed.

A Zero Harm workplace IS possible, and Sofvie will be the technology that helps your organization get there.

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