The ESG & Sustainability Showcase – September 25th and 26th 2024

Our ESG & Sustainability showcase taking place in September will feature six slots of pre-recorded presentations discussing ESG and sustainability, and how your business can assist attendees in managing their professional responsibilities.

There are only 4 slots left available for a consultancy, a headhunting company, and other relevant organisations. Potential topics include –

  • Navigating the Growing Demand for ESG and Sustainability Professionals: Trends, Skills, and Opportunities.
  • Sustainability powered by data: Harnessing technology to generate actionable insights.
  • Crafting a roadmap to Net Zero and spearheading transformative changes.
  • Going beyond Compliance – utilising policy to drive impactful sustainability initiatives.
  • AI’s role in sustainability and ESG: Revolutionising insights and solutions for a greener, more responsible future.

As per last time, we will be running our Focused Invitation Service, where our team will personally reach out to professionals such as Sustainability Directors, Heads of Environmental, CSOs, Heads of Corporate Social Responsibility, and more. We will focus on these individuals at the top 500 companies (by headcount) in Europe. Those with slots at the showcase will receive the contact details of those who register and opt-in.

Attendees will register to access the showcase and will have the option to watch either ‘live’ (when the content is launched) or on demand at their convenience. There will only be six showcase slots available, which will be shown over the course of two days – the 25th and 26th of September 2024.

What are the benefits of showcasing your company?

  • It’s an excellent way to show your company’s insight and expertise.
  • The HSE People network has a reach of over 500,000 HSE and ESG
    professionals worldwide.
  • You will be able to actually demonstrate your products and services.
  • Our team will be reaching out and inviting decision makers from key organisations to attend.
  • So you can join us in our pledge to protect people, places and the planet!

Your showcase could be a presentation, a product demo, a panel discussion or anything else which enables you to engage with viewers. Your content will be sent out to everyone who registers and people will be able to access it on demand as well. 

You will own the content and will be able to distribute it as you see fit.


Want to get involved? Contact us to find out more.