The Safety Salesman : Shoot From The Lip


Gaining buy-in for health and safety is often like selling something people don’t want to buy. Or at least think they don’t want to buy. But get it right and you can add real value to an organisation or business and then really elevate your messages to achieve that all important aim of keeping people safe. This book is a tongue firmly in cheek collection of “Puns, honesty, quotes and questions that is a gold mine of transparency and learning…it’s formally informal and informally formal. Go work that one out”. So if you’re interested in NOT being the clipboard totting, high viz vest wearing person that no-one really wants to talk to then this book might be for you.

The Safety Salesman – Shoot From The Lip by Simon Neil Jones is the REAL bottom line on how to sell and not tell safety. Out now on Amazon.


About the author

Like many people Simon “fell” into the safety business having had an operational career in something else beforehand. For him this was policing, which for most of the time he claims that “he endured, on occasion he loved and every now and then he loathed…”

Throw in with this 40+ years of life experience, an awesome record and film collection and a healthy dose of Northern humour and you might start to get an idea of what to expect from him…

Simon reckons that, “Being effective in this safety business is essentially like being in a sales job. But you’re selling something that nobody wants to buy or thinks they don’t want to buy. So instead of being the boring safety person no-one wants to talk to, think about ways in which you can add value and sell your ideas”.

If this does it for you then have a little read, have a little think and then maybe have a little go. What’s the worst that can happen?