FREE Online Risk Assessment Course from Safeti School

Brought to you by Safeti the course is essentially the ‘basics of health and safety risk assessment’ and this online course is suitable for anyone who is new to the concept or those wanting to refresh their memory on risk assessment principles. The online risk assessment course is geared towards supervisors/managers and/or anyone that is being asked to carry out risk assessments.

Richard Collins, Owner of Safeti said:

“We aim to ensure that our students are confident with the fundamentals of Health and Safety Risk Assessment by the end of the course. To achieve this outcome, our course is a unique blend of online tutorial videos and learning challenges. If you enrol on the 1-hour (approx.) course, you will automatically gain access to the complete suite of instructional videos (21), resources & activities.”

Each student who completes the Course will receive a Certificate of Completion signed & approved by an IOSH Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner.

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