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Skillko – The Smart Training Hub

A Platform for Managing Your Skills

Skillko.com is an open marketplace for businesses, individuals and training suppliers alike to do business fast and effectively. Since it’s launch in September 2018, Skillko now has over 80,000 users making it the fastest growing  training platform in the UK and Ireland.

Aiming to ease the administrative burden faced by businesses, Skillko’s management system allows users to manage bookings, certificates and ensure their business stays compliant. The Skillko app means the system can be used out on site and the shop floor as well making it ideal for any type of business.

No business is too big or small to use Skillko, the smallest business using the platform has just 3 staff whilst the largest has over 6,000!

Trainers benefit from access to Skillko’s marketplace of clients who can contact them through the platform knowing they have already been vetted and approved. Invoicing can be done through Skillko so you don’t need to chase outstanding payments.


For Training Providers – 

A single platform for your business and its operations

One client to receive payment from

Maintain your business, clients and grow

Decide where, when and how long you work

Receive analytics for insight into your business

For Companies –

One payment method for all your training

One training provider for all your training

Removes 85% of training administration

Contractor and Client training management

Analytics to assess your results


Find out more

Listen to Brendan Moloney, Co-founder and Director of Skillko speak on The Safeti Podcast. Here he explains that how Skillko came into creation when Brendan recognised a problem that he couldn’t solve so he created the solution!


Read Brendan’s interview with The Irish Times.





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