Trapped in a Twister: Juan’s Real-Life Safety Incident

Worker stuck inside storage container while seeking shelter from a tornado

Juan, an environmental advisor with a midstream energy company with operations in the Southwestern US, performed a site inspection in extremely windy conditions when the weather drastically changed. As the conditions took a turn for the worse, he saw a tornado forming on the horizon. 


There were over 1,300 tornadoes in the US in 2022.

(National Centers for Environmental Information, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

Worried he would not be able to return to his vehicle in time and drive out of the twister’s path, Juan took shelter in a nearby storage container and shut the door tightly. 

Unfortunately, the tornado reached the storage container, forcefully knocked it over, damaged the door and blocked Juan from exiting safely. 

“I was all alone and absolutely terrified,” Juan later recalled. “My lip was split open; I had a big gash on my finger; and I was trapped in a confined space with 100 mph winds whirling around me and no way to get out of this mess.” 

Protected Because Connected 

The upheaval triggered a fall alert from the G7c lone worker device Juan was wearing. 

Juan’s G7c was monitored 24/7 by Blackline’s Safety Operations Center (SOC). Two seconds after the storage unit was overturned, an SOC agent received the fall alert from Juan’s device. The agent immediately contacted Juan on this cell phone and confirmed he needed emergency assistance as Juan had been injured. 


Only 17% of lone workers report having access to a system to check-in themselves.

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