Uncompromising Protection For Civilian High-Risk Work Environments

For almost all occupations that may be characterized as high-risk jobs, personal protective equipment (PPE) is a must have piece of safety gear that can, ultimately, mean the difference between your health and safety and, possibly, permanent damage. However, when thinking about safety gear in high-risk working environments many often think about the protection of one’s head or body. Maybe a hard helmet to protect your head, ear protection for the safety of your hearing, or safety shoes to protect your feet. What is sometimes forgotten about is the eyesight. Sadly, eye damage is a more common work injury than one might think, whereas striking and scraping, as the result from small flying particles and objects striking the eye1, are the injuries that occur the most.

You only get that one set of eyes, so durable and high-quality eyewear is an essential piece of equipment for anyone, who take on jobs that can pose a risk to either the health or the safety or their eyes. But, with the many different brands on the market, all promising the best protection of your eyes, what makes Wiley X different? Well, to answer that question you need to know a bit about the brand, their focus, and their origin story to see why they truly are pioneers and front runners within the industry. It is quite simple. For them three words are key: heritage, durability, and protection.

Veteran founded – Born on the battlefield

For over 35 years, Wiley X has marked its presence as an uncompromising and innovative brand that focuses on protection, durability, and function, when creating eyewear. Their story takes its beginning on the battlefield. The founder, American veteran Myles Freeman Sr., was deployed to serve his country. After serving, he wished to give something back, but most importantly, he wanted to ensure the safety of the armed forces he had been a part of. With his experience from the military, he took on creating the best, most protective, and highly durable eyewear, in an effort to ensure the safety of all those who risk their life for the safety of their country. But over time, the vision of Wiley X grew, and the idea to take the high level of protection required by military and law enforcement and give it to civilians was set into motion. Today Myles’ sons have taken over the company, and the brand now creates eyewear for people both off and on duty. Unique for all the Wiley X eyewear is, however, the level of safety. When you buy a pair of Wiley X eyewear, whether it is for work or pleasure, civilian or military, they are all tested and certified to the highest optical standards, ensuring you uncompromising protection.

But knowing that all Wiley X’s eyewear is certified to the highest standards revolving around eyewear protection, how do you choose the right model for you? Well, this is where Wiley X’s diverse product catalogue can help – there is a model for all!

Durability through material choice

To create the best protective eyewear, Wiley X took a focus on their choice of materials when designing. For the eyewear to be certified to the highest optical standards, specifically the EN.166 and the ballistic test MIL-PRF-32432, the chosen materials had to be both very chock absorbent and flexible for it to absorb the power of fragments and bullets during testing. Therefore, Wiley X has developed their frame material called Triloid™ Nylon, the toughest non-metal material available. Though the material might have a light and slightly plastic feel, it is much stronger than what it might seem at first glance and of an extremely high quality that makes it extremely difficult to break. Additionally, all Wiley X eyewear is made with shatterproof Selenite™ polycarbonate lenses that are all treated with a T-Shell™ scratch resistant coating, which not only means that they can withstand all the rigorous testing, but that their lifespan is quiet long.

Protection from all angles 

To many users, the high-wrap design is preferred, as you are ensured a snug fit and complete protection from all angles, due to the curvature of the model. All Wiley X high-wrap models are very curved, meaning that the curvature of the lenses rounds more. As a result, you get a fit that enclose your face to a greater extent and ensures you better protection against light in your peripheral field of view. A popular model here is the WX GRID with clear lenses. Not only is the model design from the high-quality materials, but it also comes with a Facial Cavity™ Seal, meaning a comfortable foam insert that blocks all wind, dust, and debris from entering the eye. The WX GRID has been certified to the EN.166F standard, meaning it is certified to withstand the impact of a 6 mm steel ball of 0,86 grams, dropped on it from a height of 1,3 meters at 162 km/h. Additionally, this style has also been treated with an anti-fog coating and is ballistically tested to the MIL-PRF-32432(GL), meaning that is has been tested to withstand a .15 caliber projectile traveling at 702-724 km/h.

Added safety with a simple click

However, you can obtain the same high-level of protection in a less curved pair of eyewear, which also might be the preferred design if you need lenses with prescription. If this is what you are seeking, well a pair of base curve 6 eyewear is the right choice for you. But, as the design of this type of eyewear do not offer the same enclosure to the face, as a high-wrap model does, the eyes are left more exposed. Or that would be the case if it were not for the attachable protective side shields. A popular choice is the WX OVATION. Due to the base curve of 6, it sits flatter on your face, making it fit most face shapes. To this model, and all the other base curve 6 models from the Wiley X assortment, two sets of side shields are included. One set that are removeable and one set that can be attached permanently, depending on your individual need. With the side shields mounted, the eyewear is now certified to the EN.166S standard, meaning that they are certified to withstand a 22 mm steel ball, weighing 43 grams that is dropped on it from 1,3 meters at 18 km/h.

Change lenses to match your need

If your occupation requires you to adapt to different environments and/or light conditions, well the Wiley X Changeable series is the right choice. All the models of the series feature the high-wrap design with the curved lenses and snug fit, but the lenses can quickly be swapped out, giving you several pairs of eyewear in one style. A model that is often preferred is the WX SAINT, which can come with up to three lenses. With it you get the EN.166S certification, like with the WX OVATION, and the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic testing, like the WX GRID. With this model, adaptability and durability has been forked together to match your needs.

Always stay safe

No matter the curvature, the fit, the style, or the design you choose – Wiley X eyewear will give you the best protective eyewear. They have been in the game for a long time. Their passion for protection arose from personal experience from some of the toughest conditions and situations in the world, and their determination to protect is an ingrown part of their DNA. Wiley X is protection, Wiley X is safety, and most of all Wiley X is uncompromising. With Wiley X you will never have to settle for average, you never have to compromise your safety – Wiley X is protection for life.