uvex Training Academy wins BSIF Safety Solution Award

uvex, the leading manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE), is delighted to announce that the uvex Training Academy has been awarded the prestigious BSIF Safety Solution Award. The accolade, which was delivered at a gala awards ceremony held at the Vox in Resorts World, NEC Birmingham on 1 May 2024, recognises uvex’s commitment to safety and education, exemplified through its innovative training programme.

Through comprehensive technical information and education, the uvex Training Academy equips users and distributors with the knowledge to make informed choices when selecting or supplying PPE. In a business climate marked by intense competition and constant change, well-trained employees and safe workplaces are paramount.

“At uvex, we believe that wearing the right PPE is not just a choice but a responsibility,” says Carl Dwyer, uvex UK Director of Sales. “The PPE industry faces a critical challenge: misselling of low-quality products and a lack of awareness around proper PPE selection can leave workers inadequately protected, at risk of serious injuries. At uvex, we are committed to raising safety standards across the board. That’s why we developed our award-winning uvex Training Academy. By equipping distribution partners and customers with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about PPE, we can work together to eliminate these issues.” 

The academy’s certified modular training programme, developed in collaboration with external specialists, offers three stages of learning. Participants undergo self-assessment, engage in bespoke training courses tailored to their needs, and receive refresh sessions and assessments. The programme covers various PPE categories, including hand protection, safety eyewear, hearing protection, and safety footwear.

To date, the academy has delivered hand and eye protection modules to individuals within uvex’s distributor network, with the roll-out its hearing and footwear modules in 2024. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants praising the programme’s effectiveness and relevance.

“The uvex Training Academy fills a critical knowledge gap in the industry,” says Carl Dwyer. “By providing objective information and promoting a culture of safety, we aim to empower users to choose the right equipment for the job through our in-depth training programs. This collaborative effort drives positive change within the industry, ensuring a safer work environment for everyone and creating a future where workers return home safe. It’s only with a change of behaviour through increased awareness that today’s workforce can achieve this, and the uvex Training Academy ensures everyone in the PPE supply chain takes full responsibility to make it happen.”

Among the benefits of the academy are improved product selection, increased confidence in PPE, and enhanced compliance with safety standards. By educating stakeholders at every touchpoint in the supply chain, uvex endeavours to foster a safer working environment and reduce accidents.

Carl concludes: “As we celebrate this achievement, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting safety and well-being in the workplace and raising the culture of PPE from being provided as a tick-box exercise to being a valued part of staff wellbeing.”

uvex was also delighted to be recognised for its commitment to sustainability with a Commended award in the Sustainable Company of the Year category.

For more information about the uvex Training Academy, visit: https://www.uvex-safety.co.uk/en/knowledge/uvex-academy/about-us/