Veriforce CHAS launches groundbreaking, independently verified social sustainability assessment

Veriforce CHAS, the supply chain risk management and compliance specialist, has introduced CHAS Social Sustainability – a cutting-edge Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) assessment solution. This groundbreaking, independently verified assessment empowers organisations to validate and elevate their sustainability practices, both internally and throughout their supply chains.

Developed to meet the growing demand for a credible social sustainability assessment, CHAS Social Sustainability stands as the first comprehensive ESG assurance and development scheme of its kind. Created in partnership with ethical workforce management specialists Nutral, it uses a unique maturity model approach along with independent verification. 

Comprising 15 elements, CHAS Social Sustainability covers a broad spectrum of sustainability topics, from emissions and energy management to EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) social value, temporary labour and modern slavery. By assessing their current practices and identifying the next steps for improvement, the suite allows contractors to benchmark their practices against industry standards and demonstrate their ESG maturity to clients.

Meanwhile, clients benefit from independent verification of their supply chain’s social sustainability practices. It offers a foundation for sustainable procurement strategies, helping companies understand and trust their supply chain’s practices and simplifying the integration of sustainability into procurement processes. It establishes a clear pathway for improvement and allows clients to consistently measure performance.

CHAS Social Sustainability stands out as a pioneering initiative because of its potential to foster collaboration across clients, contractors, and the supply chain. By providing reliable data essential for industry insight and growth, it sets a new standard for transparency and allows organisations to showcase their commitment to sustainability beyond their immediate operations.

Key benefits of the CHAS Social Sustainability suite include:

1. Independent verification – clients and contractors can secure independent verification of their supply chain’s ESG capabilities by industry experts, enhancing the credibility and reliability of their social sustainability practices.

2. Comprehensive assessment – Encompassing vital sustainability topics, the suite enables organisations to evidence their credentials and benchmark practices against industry standards.

3. Client demonstration – Contractors can showcase their ESG maturity, building trust and credibility with clients regarding their commitment to social sustainability.

4. Continuous improvement – The suite empowers organisations to drive year-on-year social sustainability improvements, making a tangible impact on their overall ESG performance.

By addressing the needs of both clients and contractors collaboratively, the CHAS Social Sustainability suite provides learning resources that encourage continuous improvement. Serving as a comprehensive tool for environmental management and social sustainability, the suite combines data and tools, creating a scoring mechanism that drives industry competition and positive change.

Alex Minett, Head of Global New Markets at Veriforce CHAS, comments: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our groundbreaking CHAS Social Sustainability solution. This cutting-edge verification represents a significant milestone in ESG measurement, empowering organisations to independently validate and elevate their sustainability practices.

“We are especially excited about the solution’s potential to foster collaboration and continuous improvement across clients, contractors, and the supply chain. If your business is serious about delivering positive societal impact, contact us today to find out more about how this groundbreaking new solution can help you drive positive change.”

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