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Compliance in the Digital World for EHS Professionals – Webinar


The global regulatory environment is constantly changing and becoming more complex. The pressures on stakeholders are increasing significantly and the penalties and fines associated with non-compliances are getting tougher. Tracking obligations and compliance status is time consuming and difficult. Consequently, EHS professionals are spending less time on improving EHS programs and culture.

During this webinar session, SAI Global and RegScan will discuss:

  • The steps needed to successfully design and implement regulatory compliance programs
  • Managing and monitoring global libraries of EHS regulatory requirements, and
  • The digital options available to automate business processes and simplify compliance for the operational EHS teams

Join Christine Adeline, Director of Product, EHS Risk at SAI Global and Sean Salvas, VP of Business Development, RegScan for this upcoming webinar. Discover how to automate, innovate and elevate performance of your EHS program. Effectively achieve compliance and keep moving towards operational excellence.

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