What Is Health and Safety Maturity, What Does Perfection Look Like and How Do I Get There?

For many organisations, health and safety is all about meeting minimum legislative requirements. It’s a necessary evil.

However, there is a fundamental shift happening across the globe that is sweeping those old fashioned perceptions away. Now, health and safety is becoming viewed as a key contributor to corporate strategy and driver of shareholder value.

How? By organisations leveraging EHS technologies and practices to go beyond health and safety compliance to drive real, tangible commercial results. And it all starts with health and safety maturity, which is why we’ve compiled this ebook to get you started.

In this eBook we will explore:

  • the adverse impact lower maturity levels have on organisations
  • what health and safety maturity actually is
  • the benefits of a mature management system
  • what perfection looks like
  • the barriers you’re likely to encounter
  • the importance of a strong culture
  • and how to develop a mature health and safety management system.

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