When Did You Last Review Your Safety Procedures?

Easy Way to Visualise and Manage Your Safety Procedures

At Brady, we provide personalised consultation services to improve employee safety, productivity and equipment reliability, both today and down the road. Link360™ Software is the first software to give you a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing and updating visual information, even in multiple facilities.

Organizations continually perform maintenance and repairs on equipment, creating a need to keep corresponding visuals updated to reflect changes. These visuals play an important role in helping keep employees safe, equipment running at optimal levels, and eliminate costly downtime.

LINK360™ software gives managers a complete view of the activities that are performed to create, use, and update visual information found on and around equipment and machines – whether at a single location or across many. Because the software is cloud-based, this unique solution is available anywhere you access the internet.

Pre-defined templates and the ability to easily add users from any site in your company create a comprehensive yet easy to use solution to manage your Lockout/Tagout, Reliability and Confined Space activities.

The Lockout/Tagout Module focuses on creating and maintaining a safe working environment with tools to help lock out hazardous energy sources. By accessing this center users can:

  • Manage Lockout/Tagout programs when performing maintenance on machinery.
  • Create visually instructive safety procedures, tags, and energy source labels for printing.
  • Get compliance assistance with OSHA 1910.147 for lockout of hazardous energy sources.
  • Free mobile app for iOS, mobile phones and tablets.

The Reliability Module assists in maintaining equipment performance levels through tools to streamline the regular equipment check process. By accessing this center users can:

  • Manage the creation of visually instructive maintenance procedures that assist operators, engineers, and technicians in maintaining machine equipment performance levels.
  • Control access to who may view, edit, and create templates and procedures.

LINK360’s Confined Spaces Module allows users to assemble assessments, create permits, and track history for confined space permitting.

  • Identify confined space hazards and classify a space as a permit required confined space.
  • Entrants are able to fill out permitting requests online and route them for permission to enter.
  • Permitting history is logged for future audits and reporting

LINK360® maintenance application

The app allows users to create, edit, audit and manage visual standard work instructions, preventative and maintenance procedures and more directly from their iOS mobile device.

The innovative LINK360® maintenance application will allow users to take their maintenance program into the field. By duplicating LINK360® cloud maintenance functionality for mobile use, users are now able to construct and review these critical procedures without having to transport data and imagery. This eliminates the risk of l oss information and ultimately the safety of their employees.

The application also provides authorized users access to all the procedural information, regardless of their geographical location. This allows individuals to close knowledge gaps and update machine information, even if when they are not at the facility. Photos can also be uploaded with annotated notes, in addition to adding tasks as machine check points are identified

“Many of our users are shifting from using a PC all day to sharing that time with multiple devices, including computing with smart phones and tablets,” says Marlon Davis, Brady software business lead. “As a company, we are committed to supporting our customers’ changing behaviors and designed the mobile app to provide them with a solution that meets their needs.”

Brady’s LINK360® software platform gives managers a 360-degree view on all activities performed to create, use, and update equipment visuals at a single location or across many locations. This software offers tools like reporting, auditing, document management, procedure standardization, and label and tag printing so operators and maintenance personnel can link up procedural tasks with visuals for a more efficient workplace.

What is Lockout/Tagout?

Lockout/Tagout is a safety procedure that temporarily isolates machinery from all energy sources, and that secures this de-energised state while machine interventions are ongoing. It enables safer machine interventions and helps avoid accidents caused by moving parts or premature machine energisation.

The main principle of Lockout/Tagout is “one person, one lock, one key”. Every padlock in a Lockout/Tagout programme has a unique key, which is kept by the person intervening on a machine. This effectively enables relevant employees to protect their own safety. Master and Grandmaster keys are possible, however their use is best restricted and usually part of strict procedures performed by Safety or Site managers.

An experienced, global partner

Brady Corporation is one of the largest suppliers of Lockout/Tagout solutions. We work with both large and nimble companies to advance Go for Zero ambitions and compliance in workplace safety anywhere in the world. We offer our global experience back to our customers by harnessing all worldwide best practices and custom solutions in our Lockout/Tagout offer to help prevent any maintenance accident caused by machine energy or moving machine parts.

Draw inspiration from the free guidebook “Enable safer machine interventions”

Use this guide for ideas on how to implement or strengthen your Lockout/Tagout programme, or contact us for answers to any questions you may have.

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