Women’s Safety and Wellbeing in the Workplace – Allies

In the workplace, an ally in relation to women refers to someone who actively supports and advocates for gender equality and the advancement of women’s rights and opportunities. Allies recognise the systemic barriers and biases that women may face in the workplace and take action to address and dismantle them. An ally in the workplace plays a crucial role in fostering an environment where women feel valued, respected, and empowered to reach their full potential. By actively supporting gender equality and advocating for women’s rights, allies contribute to building a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace for everyone.

HSE People is proud to celebrate these special individuals who have been nominated by their peers.

Jeremy Stockdale

Drawing on 20 years of experience leading teams in banking, Jeremy Stockdale has turned his skills and expertise to support leaders, and in doing so created Ylead.

Ylead’s mission is to support and challenge other leaders to find their purpose and create environments where the people they lead can come to work with purpose, dignity and fulfilment – and be themselves – because they feel cared for, nurtured, rewarded and psychologically safe.

“We work with organisations which share our beliefs that creating inclusive environments where all employees can thrive, is both a moral and a business imperative – and that modern, inclusive leaders hold the key to making this a sustainable reality.

Having more women in leadership positions – and more leaders generally leading inclusively with humanity – will make the world a better place.

My purpose, therefore, is to create Gender Equity through Gender Allyship because we need – and deserve – more purposeful, inclusive and responsible leaders. “

Jeremy is available to speak and consult on Gender Equity and Allyship with clients from around the globe and has delivered programmes for senior leadership groups for large, multi-geographical businesses.

You can connect with Jeremy on LinkedIn here.

You can find more about YLead on their website.

Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers is an advocate, a psychologist, a coach and an entrepreneur. He is the Director of Male Allies UK, who amongst many things deliver allyship training, and actively engage men in conversations around topics including menopause, masculinity, menstruation and fatherhood. Lee is also a board member of the CMI Women’s Committee

“Committing to allyship is a listening and learning journey, and it’s one that has made me a better leader and more effective communicator. Women still face significant barriers in the workplace, and it’s up to all of us to create more equitable workplaces for the future. It should never fall to those most impacted to be the ones changing the system, as they are already disadvantaged and tired. Being an ally is a win-win, where you become part of the change, rather than standing still resisting it. And once you start to see the inequity that exists, you can’t unsee it!”

You can connect with Lee on LinkedIn here.

You can find out more about Male Allies UK on their website.

Dave Rosenbluth

Dave Rosenbluth is a National Sales Manager at extensive experience in merchandising, product development, sales, and purchasing management roles, Dave is a font of knowledge.

“I am a firm believer in fairness in all facets of life.

Access to properly fitted PPE for women is a fundamental fairness that is deserving and just. Not to mention good safety policy.”

Dave speaks at exhibitions and events on various subjects including ‘Women’s PPE: Are we properly protecting everyone?’. He works with women in industry and listens to their needs while using his expertise in safety standards to ensure products are fit-for-purpose.

His peers use phrases to describe him such as-

“Not just an advocate for women but also a true friend”

“Dave doesn’t just support women, he fights to empower them which is so much more important!”

You can connect with Dave on LinkedIn here.

Fiona Barron

Fiona Barron is the Director of The Gender Equity Collective, a leadership and development consultancy that specialises in developing leaders in environments of high change and growth.  

A passionate advocate for gender equity, dedicated to creating inclusive workplaces where everyone, irrespective of their gender, can thrive, Fiona has over 12 years of experience in leadership development and coaching. Her journey has been deeply rooted in the integration of positive psychology and business best practices. a Fiona’s aim is to not only empower employees by leveraging their strengths for optimum performance but also to champion an environment of gender equity and inclusivity.

It was recently announced that Fiona has been selected for the prestigious UN Women UK Delegation at the upcoming CSW68 (Commission on the Status of Women) for the second year.

You can connect with Fiona on LinkedIn here.